Features are following:
  • Real-time Processing proceeds and displays tuning status in real-time, more than 20 times a second
  • Tuning Range A0 ~ C8 (Piano 88 keys, 26 Hz ~ 4,500 Hz)
  • Pitch Detection Tech. utilizes Pitch Detection SDK 2.0 for the best pitch detection result in real-time
  • Frequency Analysis analyzes the frequency pattern of the input sound by recent signal processing algorithm
  • Useful Tuning modes Chromatic Tuning mode, Manual Tuning mode, and Sound mode
  • Note Denotation displays sung or performed note on stave with note syllable and its octave number
  • Syllables available CDEFGAB, Deutch, Solfeggio, Solfege, Japanese and Korean syllables
  • Pitch Detection Range Control prevents unwanted pitch from being detected
  • Noise Reduction reduces unwanted noise of input sound
  • Pitch Calibration calibrates the reference frequency of A4, from the standard 440Hz by +/-1 cent unit (-600 ~ +600 cents)
  • Input Source Selection supports selectable input source including MIC and LINE-IN by internal mixer interface to the soundcard
  • Guitar Tuning covers unstable changes of harmonics while onset or diminishing time
  • Piano Tuning supports piano inharmonics for tuning a piano
  • General Tuning tunes general instruments including strings, woodwinds, brasses, and human vocal

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